Our Story

Richlea Dental was founded by Dr. John Hutchinson in 1976. From the beginning, Dr. Hutchinson’s mission was to create a comfortable home to treat the dental needs of the local community. In the early years of his career, Dr. Hutchinson founded Dentistry With Heart, where he had the opportunity to serve on various dental outreaches around the world.

I was introduced to Richlea Dental (as a patient) when I was 17 years old. My family had heard about Dr. Hutchinson in the local newspaper and was drawn here because of his service to the community. Immediately I was overwhelmed by the warmth of his whole team. I was amazed how easy a dental appointment could be. In the coming years, inspired by his mission and under Dr. Hutchinson’s mentorship, I became interested in dentistry. Over the years, he would even joke that one day I might work with him.

My passion for dentistry led me complete my Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Western Ontario in 2006. Following the completion of my dental studies I came home to Richmond, where I took up John's offer and joined Richlea Dental. Dr. Hutchinson and I worked together for 10 years until his retirement in 2016. Now it’s my turn to continue his legacy.

My mission is simple: to create a relaxed and casual environment for my patients. Dentistry doesn’t need to be scary. I’m thrilled to surround myself with an amazing team that provides excellent dental care and spends time developing good relationships with our patients, many of whom we’re happy to call our friends. We have been blessed by the warmth, enthusiasm, and generosity of our clients.

It's a privilege that families in our community trust us to provide their dental care.

With gratitude,
Dr. Billy Yu